Test #2

posted Nov 4, 2016, 5:50 AM by DaQuan Bashir

  On November 10th we will be taking Test #2.  As always you are allowed to use you composition book to aid you when taking the test.  The content for each class is as follows:

A1A (Blocks 1 & 2):

- One Step Equations (EQs)
- Two Step Equations (EQs)
- Multi Step Equations (EQs)
- For a Specific Variable

Solving and Graphing
- One Step Inequalities (InEQs)
- Two Step Inequalities (InEQs)
- Multi Step Inequalities (InEQs)
- Compound Inequalities (InEQs)

Math 1 (Block 3)

- Decimal Manipulation
- Scientific Notation
Finding mean, Finding Median, Finding Mode, Finding range 
Prime Factorization 
- Greatest Common Factor